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Restore your mouth so you can get back to smiling quickly! Whenever you have issues with oral health there are always solutions to getting you back to 100%. We have a variety of restorative dentistry procedures offered in-house.

Get your smile back to 100%

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World class restorative dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona.

Teeth and your mouth in general can be damaged in many ways, whether it be through accident or wear and tear, we have all the solutions to get your mouth back to feeling great! No matter the cause we always take the time to find out how we can not only repair your current issue, but keep your mouth feeling healthy for years to come. We also have advanced techniques to make your smile look natural and unaffected so you can continue living your life.

High-Quality Materials

We only use zirconia and Emax, the highest quality materials available. Our unique relationship with dental labs allow us to pass the savings on to you!

Quick Recovery

We can get your mouth to its best health quickly! No need to hide in the house, most procedures will have you feeling confident about your smile in a matter of hours.

Affordable Options

We have many different options procedurally and financially to get you back to smiling without worrying about your wallet.


What Are Fillings?

Fillings are necessary when dental decay is observed. Dental decay in the enamel will continue to spread in the tooth if left untreated, leading to pain, sensitivity, and eventually tooth loss. By precisely drilling and removing any decay and replacing it with the most advanced composite materials, we are able to maintain and restore the aesthetic, integrity, and functionality of the tooth.

Do I Need Fillings?

We always recommend fillings for patients who are experiencing dental decay. Cavities are a serious issue that can appear minor in the moment, if left untreated they can lead to irreparable dental decay resulting in pain and eventually tooth loss. We always advocate for preventative measures and dental fillings are one of our best methods to keep your smile healthy and happy.

Root Canals

What is a Root Canal?

Root canals are a delicate procedure in which the dead nerve of a tooth is carefully removed and the resulting channel is filled with composite. A tooth with a dead nerve will discolor and lose all sensitivity to heat or cold. By replacing the dead nerve, the original tooth can be saved and further intervention prevented.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are needed when the inside of a tooth has become infected or inflamed to the point that the nerve within the root of the tooth is dying or is dead. The benefit of getting a root canal is that it allows a patient to preserve their existing tooth, retaining the functionality and appearance of the tooth.

Teeth Extractions

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

When a tooth presents an issue and it is either financially or medically infeasible to attempt to save or replace it, an extraction may be the best option. Extracting a tooth is simply removing it from the mouth. This can be accomplished through a number of different methods and will result in a gap where the tooth was extracted.

Do I Need To Have An Extraction?

Teeth Extractions are necessary when a tooth is no longer healthy and is causing pain. Teeth extractions may be performed prior to implementing various prosthodontics such as bridges, dentures and dental implants. Click the link below to learn more about prosthodontics and your options to getting your smile back to 100%!

Chipped Teeth Repair

What Is The Best Way Repair A Chipped Tooth?

Chipped teeth repair is easily accomplished through grinding, polishing, and the use of composites to replace any lost material to make the most aesthetically pleasing repair. We only use the highest quality materials to makes sure your smile is here to stay!

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Chipped Tooth?

In under an hour we can fix a chipped tooth back to its former glory! First we analyze your tooth’s shade and make sure we accurately select the correct shade of bonding material for you particular tooth. After that, we simply apply the bonding material and treat it to allow your tooth to regain its proper appearance and functionality. After your appointment your tooth is ready to go and you can get back to eating and smiling as normal!

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