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Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies: Do They Work?

Explore the effectiveness of natural teeth whitening remedies and learn why professional teeth whitening is your best bet for a brighter smile. Visit us today!
5 Min Read

Preventing Gum Disease: Tips and Tricks

Discover tips and tricks from Solterra Dentistry to prevent gum disease and maintain optimal oral health. Keep smiling, Phoenix!
5 Min Read

Easter: Don't Forget to Floss!

Enjoy Easter treats without damaging your teeth! Solterra Dentistry offers tips for a tooth-friendly Easter. Don’t forget to floss!
5 Min Read

Welcoming the New Year

Start the new year with a healthy smile! Explore dental-friendly tips for 2024, including cosmetic dentistry, implants, emergency care, Invisalign, and more. Solterra Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ, has you covered.
5 Min Read

Tips for Maintaining Oral Health While Traveling

Maintaining oral health while traveling is crucial. With planning, you can keep your smile healthy. Follow these tips to care for your teeth on the go.
6 Min Read

Signs of Oral Cancer and what to watch out for

If you are unaware of what oral cancer might look like or what the signs and symptoms of oral cancer are, it is best to learn if you are at risk of developing it.
6 Min Read

The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular option for replacing missing teeth. They offer many benefits, including improved appearance, functionality, and oral health. However, they are not suitable for everyone, and there are drawbacks to consider, such as cost, lengthy procedure, surgery, and healing time. Talk to your dentist about whether dental implants are right for you.
5 Min Read

Solterra Dentistry Celebrates Halloween 2022

They say that dentists and Halloween don't get along. At Solterra Dentistry, we disagree. Although it's one of the most tooth-affecting holidays, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween without affecting your mouth too much.
3 Min Read

Electric Toothbrush Or Manual Toothbrush?

Brushing your teeth is the foundation of good oral care and prevention. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), electric and manual toothbrushes effectively remove oral plaque that causes cavities and disease.
5 Min Read

Oral Cancer: Everything You Need to Know

Oral cancer begins in the cells that make up the inside of the mouth or lips. It is pretty standard and can be cured if detected and treated early (when it is small and has not spread).
4 Min Read

Solterra Dentistry Celebrates Halloween 2021

Solterra Dentistry's team and patients were invited to dress up in costumes for this year's Halloween celebration. Costume inspiration came directly from our brilliant team and we fully embraced this year's theme: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of Solterra Dentistry.
6 Min Read

What your tongue might be telling you about your oral health!

Our mouth is a gateway to our entire body; anything we eat or drink first passes through the oral cavity, is broken down into smaller particles, and is then transported to the other organs of the digestive system. In this article, the color of our tongue can tell a lot about one’s overall health. Dr. Manov at Solterra Dentistry discusses how we can identify underlying health problems from the color of our tongue.

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